After a week of cold temperature in Belgium & France and fighting what seemed like a never-ending jet lag, I decided to head a bit south for warmer lands (or so I thought), so I headed to Luxembourg. After a struggling 5-hour train ride from Bruges, I finally arrived at Luxembourg Central Station.

Through the windows of my carriage, the day seemed warm and sunny, it was in fact a beautiful sunny day with no clouds in sight. I was excited to get off the train and finally start exploring Country No. 24.


The moment the train doors opened I was hit by a sudden wind of cool air. Luxembourg would happen to be colder than both Belgium and France. In fact, temperature was so cold that my hands hurt with every picture I would take throughout the day. My walk from the train station to the hostel revealed so many beautiful views of the city. Now I definitely could not wait to get out & get exploring!!!

Why Luxembourg?

Luxembourg picked my curiosity as a country I would have never thought of visiting in the past. This time I had a few days to kill before heading to Amsterdam for King’s Day, and I was itching to see something new, so I thought ‘Why Not!’.

The day before departing I browsed through the very few blogs on what to do while in the country. Luxembourg is such a small country that a 3 or 4 day stay is enough to see most sights.

Luxembourg is also not visited by many travellers. It definitely does not have the same pull as bordering France, Belgium and Germany, and travellers will often skip Luxembourg for a longer stay at these. This works for me, as after the crowds in Bruges I was definitely ready to put crowds behind me and anyone standing between me and the pictures I want.


Found this charming alley walking around the city

Luxembourg City

Founded in 963, Luxembourg City has played a crucial role in European history and is now an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

One of its main attractions is the Bock, an old fort surrounding the old city of Luxembourg. The views from the Bock are just WOW! The Bock also offers many walking trails within and outside the casemates (tunnels), also offering an opportunity to see a different side of Luxembourg.

View from the Bock de Luxembourg

From the Bock, many of Luxembourg City’s main attractions are easily reachable by foot. The central plaza, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Casemates de la Pétruse, all beautiful.

What I liked the most about Luxembourg City was its different viewpoints into the Cite du Bas (lower city). I had rarely seen such impressive sights within a city and it really made a huge difference from the medieval houses I had started to get used to in Belgium.

I Love Vianden

Vianden is a small town in the northeastern part of Luxembourg near the German border. It can be reached by taking a train to Ettelbruck and a bus from there to Vianden, and the journey takes about an hour and a half (or 3 hours if you’re me).

I happened to take the train in the wrong direction which landed me in some deserted town, only to have to go back to Luxembourg to take the right train. Once at the bus terminal, I waited for my bus, and waited, and waited; only to find out moments later that there were 2 bus terminals by the train station. I missed my bus. FML!

Finally In Vianden

I finally got to Vianden an hour and a half later than expected, but the beauty of Vianden quickly made me forget my ordeal. I had finally found the small-town feeling I was looking for since arriving in Europe over a week ago. Vianden’s old houses and cobblestone streets were a charm and made for some very nice walks around town. And no matter where I was in the city, the views of the castle were just breathtaking.

The Vianden Castle is located on top of a mountain and it dominates the view from all parts of the city. After the castle, I walked up to the chair lift viewpoint for some more amazing views of the castle and the city.

Strolling through the streets of Vianden was indeed a charm, I really enjoyed this little city and have made it a point to come back and stay in Vianden sometime soon.


Getting Around

Visiting Luxembourg is extremely easy and cheap. A 2-hour pass costs 2€ and day-pass costs 4€, and is valid for all trains and buses. This is excellent as traveling by train in Europe is relatively expensive, but not in Luxembourg.

Nowhere is too far for a day trip in Luxembourg, and visiting Germany, France, and Belgium is easy and convenient from Luxembourg. The cities are safe and the country is beautiful; what else to say other than I LOVE LUXEMBOURG!

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