I haven’t really explored a great deal of China (besides Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzen & HK), but of all the places that I have had the chance to visit/stay in, Shanghai for sure tops the list. There are quite a few reasons as to why actually. The amazing mix of east & west here is pretty fascinating. To top it off, world cuisine, enchanting history & modern marvels truly make this one of the greatest cities in the world.

This was my fourth visit to the city and I must say I was equally impressed (if not more) as the other 3 times. But let’s take a detour this time and let me help you discover a little rarer side of this wonderful city. Although it’s well known that Shanghai does boast a pretty colorful nightlife, but not enough is said about it. So let’s set that straight and take you across 10+ night stops that are a must visit on your next trip to Shanghai.

  1. The Bund & the Night View

    This definitely has to go first on our list. Anyone who visits Shanghai makes it a point to come down to the Bund to take in the beauty of the night. There are typically two aspects of this magnificent promenade; the buildings on the promenade itself and then you have the view of Pudong area across the river.

  2. The view from atop the Jin Mao Tower

    You might have heard there’s a new jewel in the Shanghai skyline now but nothing beats the legacy of the Jin Mao tower. No trip to Shanghai is complete without scaling to its 88th floor to take in the view from above. Sitting next door to Oriental Pearl Tower & World Financial Tower, it does get you a front row seat to the brightly lit city below & the numerous cruises dotting the Huangpu River.

  3. Night cruise on the Huangpu

    Taking in the skyline from high above is indeed fun but floating slowly enjoying your favorite wine or having a fine meal on one of the many boats on the river Huangpu is indeed a must-do and equally thrilling experience. And the best part here is, you have options for all budgets. You have the basic sightseeing cruise and then you have the luxurious fine dine cruises.

  4. Along the Nanjing Road

    Considered one of the world’s busiest shopping streets, this 5.5 km stretch is considered to be a must-visit destination for anyone looking to pick up something special from Shanghai. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to pick up little souvenirs or go on a major shopping spree, you are sure to find anything you desire here.

  5. Shanghai Acrobatics

    One of the oldest forms of art in China, these acrobats display no mere feats. The shows have been around for decades and have been a crowd favorite for tourists & locals alike. Something which began back in the warring days in China has today turned into one of the hottest events in the city.
    Shanghai Center Theatre (No. 1376 Nanjing Road (W), Shanghai) & Shanghai Circus World (2266 Gonghe Xinlu, Baoshan District) are the two most popular stops to enjoy an evening show.

  6. Hengshan Road

    West meets the East here at Hengshan road. Adorned with modern European architectural styles, the street is known for its array of hip bars and hangout spots. There are a lot of high-end bars and you can enjoy a great selection of cocktails, enjoy live music and tune into your favorite sport; from football to rugby.

  7. Shanghai Tower; the new kid in town

    The Shanghai tower quietly opened its doors to the public last year and it indeed is something that needs to be on your bucket-list and not just another attraction to visit in Shanghai. Although it isn’t the highest tower in the world (we all know Burj Khalifa stands tall), but it does boast the highest observation deck in the world (about 100 feet higher than Burj).
    That’s not all, the Shanghai Tower also is one of the greenest building in the city and that itself is a marvel to ponder upon. Following that is the custom designed elevators running at 18mtrs/sec (yes, no kidding there). It truly is a must-visit and needless to say gives you one of the greatest views from up top.

  8. Yue Opera

    Dating back to 1906, the Yue Opera is considered one of the classiest cultural experiences in Shanghai. Everything is worth looking out for; the music, the attire, the gestures, all of it speaks of poise and passion. It’s purely a Classical Chinese expression and music lovers are sure to rejoice.

  9. Street Food Districts

    Needless to say, streetfood in most Chinese cities are beyond delicious. If you are a foodie like most of us :p, you are bound to love this one. Some of the most happening and mouthwatering food streets in Shanghai include Changli Road (Metro Line 13) which is famous for its smelly tofu. Up next is the Shouning Road (Metro Line 3) which highlights barbecue. Not just me but a lot of travel bloggers will swear to the Crayfish out here. You really gotta try it. It’s heaven!

Shanghai’s nightlife doesn’t really end with this list. There’s lots more to do & see. There are the Yu Gardens, Xintiandi and much more. It’s a vibrant city and with sun down some of the best places come alive. Shanghai truly is a magnificent city and gets you inspired with every breathe.

4 times in this city and still doesn’t feel enough. I can’t wait to be back here once again. Go ahead take a fly out and discover this jewel for yourself.

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