Cruise liners have often been the described as the epitome of modern travel. These mega ships are far more than mere floating vessels. With a number of luxury options onboard, these cruise journeys are indeed one of the best ways to see the world; and when we say luxury, they do come with a PRETTY HEFTY price tag. I remember my first experience abroad a Mediterranean cruise; it was like a floating city. All by itself but so much more.


So, how would you like a 21-Day luxury cruise in the Mediterranean and Atlantic oceans for ₹46,800. Discover some of the best sights in Europe and the Carribean aboard the Costa Pacifica; a Concordia cruise ship from Costa Cruises.

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You will be traveling through Italy, France, Spain, Madeira, Antilles & Dominican Republic on this 21-day cruise. There’s almost equivalent number of days cruising as well as days when the ship docks in. Here’s a quick snapshot of the itinerary that you are likely to follow during the cruise.

Day 1: Savona (Italy)

Overlooked by the imposing fortress of Priamar, the port city will welcome you to the Riviera di Ponente, with its celebrated seaside resorts.

Day 2: Marseilles (France)

A strategic transit point for goods, but also a meeting place for cultures: you’ll find vibrant evidence of these in the mosaic of its people.

Day 3: …Cruising…
Day 4: Cadiz (Spain)

Jutting out into the sea, the picturesque location makes a great spectacle of this ancient city, which is also a gateway to the other marvels of Andalusia.

Day 5: …Cruising…
Day 6: Funchal (Madeira)

Madeira is an island “where summer goes to spend the winter” and its main town is a delight to visit on foot, at the slow pace that is typical of the place.

Day 7 to 11: …Cruising…
Day 12: St. Maarten (Antilles)

A unique and harmonious blend of French, Dutch and other styles and cultures, it will be a constant discovery, both on land and under water.

Day 13: St. Kitts (Antilles)

St. Kitts offers an intoxicating blend of beauty and natural vegetation, reminiscent of the South Pacific. At the island’s center is the imposing peak of Mount Liamuiga, a dormant volcano covered by dense tropical forests.

Day 14: Antigua (Antilles)

On the most historically rich island in the Caribbean, the brightness of the colors reflects the vibrancy of the music. Which of its 365 beaches will you choose?

Day 15: Martinique (Antilles)

Exclusive tropical forest surrounded by numerous picturesque bays. Don’t miss the Salines beach and its colorful fish.

Day 16: Guadeloupe (Antilles)

From the sky it looks like a butterfly resting on a blue ocean, its wings edged with multi-colored beaches in the relaxing shade of the palm trees.

Day 17: St. Maarten (Antilles)
Day 18 & 19: La Romana (Dominican Republic)

A modern tourist resort on the south-eastern coast, in addition to renowned beaches it offers exciting opportunities for visits and a wide range of crafts.

Day 19: Catalina Island (Dominican Republic)

A small, natural paradise protected by Unesco, it is virtually uninhabited, but its stunningly beautiful coral reef teems with marine life.

Day 20: Antigua (Antilles)
Day 21: Martinique (Antilles)
Day 22: Guadeloupe (Antilles)


The above itinerary and prices are valid for sailing dates 30 November 2018



The above deal can be found on Costa Cruises (follow this link). Prices are all inclusive starting at €649, which translates to roughly ₹46,800 (at conversion rates on 14th June, 05:20 IST).

So, there you go; a 21-day luxury Mediterranean cruise at a throwaway price of ₹46,800.

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