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I am currently at 30K feet aboard the amazing Emirates Business Class as I write this to you. Could I have waited till I land in Tehran around mid-day? Possibly I could or maybe I couldn’t.

DEAL ALERT | Paris – Montreal roundtrip for ₹8165


So once in a while, almost all airlines throw out these crazy fares which are downright impossible to believe but are very well legit. Some people consider them error fares, but in 90% cases, most airlines honor the bookings made on these fare classes.
Why wouldn’t they? Afterall only a handful people scrape the internet to find such deals everyday.

Anyway let’s get straight to the deal; how does a direct flight from Paris (CDG) to Montreal (YUL) sound like? Pretty amazing right? What if I say, it’s priced at below 100EUR for the round trip?

IMPOSSIBLE? Well, here you go!

Flight selection on Momondo


Screenshot on TripAir

URL: https://www.momondo.com/

Route: Paris – Montreal – Paris

Fare Validity: Today (next 3-4 hours or until price update)

Possible Travel Dates: 12 – 22 Nov, 26 Nov – 3 Dec, 3 – 10 Dec, 10 – 17 Jan


Please note that ‘You, me & a world to see‘ can in no way be held liable if airline refuses to honor bookings for unforeseen circumstances. Note that the above fares are subject to availability and location-specific in some cases. Please reach out to us for any queries.

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